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"New Music Tuesdays"

(Rotates by-weekly between 2 of our facilities) 








1.) Event Playlist-$25

1 song to be added into our events music rotation. (No group/ private feedback.)


2.) Group Session-$50

Sample 2 songs & get feedback from the DJ's



3.) Private Session (**Optional**)-$100

Sample 3 songs & get feedback from the DJ's

1 song selected by our DJ's will be added to our exclusive monthly mix tapes


4.) Featured Artist- $150

Artist added to all advertisements as main feature for specific scheduled listening session

Sample 4 songs & get feedback from the DJ's

1 song selected by our DJ's will be added to our exclusive monthly mix tapes

Receive a DTLR gift card

(Covers beverages for the artists exclusive listening event)

Individual Coalition DJ’s NC Services:


  • DJ/ Club spins- $500 per week. Covers our DJ’s & affiliate DJ’s of all genres & multiple venue access

  • Online Marketing- $300 per week.  Consistent online exposure from our roster of DJ’s & promoters

  • Street Promotions- $650 per campaign. Allows up to 10,000 pieces & is partnered with the Online Marketing services

  • Meet & Greet- $800-$1200 depends on clients actual needs. Rate covers event coordination, marketing/ Promotions, food & beverages, décor, staffing, live DJ, rentals, etc.

  • Show/ Performances- $300 per attachment or show coordination

  • Photography/ Videos- $100-$1000 Pricing based on clients actual needs

  • Studio Needs- $50-$1000 Rates based on client’s needs. Recording, mixing, mastering, production, etc. Numerous locations.

  • EPK/ Electronic Press Kit- $150 Clients must submit all music, imagery, social media links, & any additional information needed for full product creation




Full Marketing Campaign (Based on a 2 month campaign):


  • Street Promotions (Up to 5,000 pieces, such as flyers, posters, CD’s, promo giveaways, etc. Client must provide all product)

  • Club Events coordination (artist’s event attachment for client at prominent nightclubs in and around Charlotte. Client would be added to all advertisements the special guest while also having music played )

  • Weekly Social Media blast Campaign (Consistent mentions of client’s content and promotional mediums. Client must provide all information and promotional content to be used.)

  • DJ Servicing (distribution & e-blasting of client’s content & music to DJ’s of all genres & branches. Linking client with the influential DJ’s in the city & surrounding areas)

  • Club Rotation Campaign (Target specific clubs & DJ’s in order to test the records selected by clients as focus records. Visual recap available upon request

  • Clients info uploaded to Website at  and/or affiliates sites as Featured Artist (Depends on clients target audience)

  • Market Liaison which allows us to network the client in our market. Concerning studios, venues, events, restaurants, schools, etc.

  • Industry Meet & Greet in Charlotte North Carolina or surrounding areas, set up on behalf of the client (Where we invite prominent & influential DJ’s, record breakers , and media from the area. )

  • Product Requested: CD’s, Posters, flyers, business cards, promo giveaways & brand merchandise for distribution in our markets


Total Investment: $3,000

Please review and let us know how we can serve your artistry and talent needs.




Coalition DJ's Carolinas

NC Division Headquarters Charlotte, NC



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