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Kool Kel

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Since 2010 , Kelvin "Kool Kel" G has indulged in various media and entertainment ventures. From brand management to media production and placement, the art of creating innovative marketing campaigns and developing entertainment platforms has been an active skill that has evolved throughout time. In 2013, Kelvin developed a radio show called ThePLUGG. ThePLUGG naturally provided the opportunity to expand musical and informative content to relative demographics as it elevates the perspective of ones lifestyle within the culture. Interviewing guest such as the cast of Love and Hip Hop , BET Music Moguls , Radio One personalities , MTV Wildn Out and more; Kool Kel has the drive to not only gain insight on the perspective of influential individuals but also attract information which he captures giving people the interest to "Expect The Exclusive". In the near future, Kool Kel is expecting to release a streaming outlet which gives independent artist the platform of diversity from musical to visual content distribution.


April 2020, Kool Kel started an interview series called , TPLG Uncut. TPLG Uncut provides exclusive interviews with a variety of special guest from innovators, Curators and influencers of the hiphop community and beyond specializing in music, business , politics and entrepreneurship. TPLG Uncut is every friday at 8:30pm EST streaming through the social media application, Instagram.

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