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DJ Strategy

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In an age where anyone with a few rap MP3's and a microphone can call themselves a DJ, North Carolina's #1 Entertainer/Show DJ has made his mark as an authentic turntable technician. With a background in engineering and production, the NC resident is known for knocking listeners over the head with his provocative blends, incomparable knack for mixing, scratching and exotic playlists.


Not afraid to embrace technology, while refusing to abandon traditional DJ techniques, DJ Strategy has reached millions via FM Radio, movies, mixtapes, parties, podcasting, national & international collaborations, and grassroots promotion. Arguably one of the most underrated DJs, DJ Strategy, nicknamed 'Strat Dollar' from the late great hustle of street money dvd. DJ Strategy still impacts the market as a DJ and Promoter through his talents and events.


You can find DJ Strategy on various slots as a Mix-Show DJ at WPEG Power98 FM, including Fridays. 10PM -Midnight. When asked what makes him tick, he replied "I'm put here to entertain and wow the people, if they ain't amazed, then I have failed my job, & I refuse to fail,  so I continue keep the pressure on the game and perfecting my craft."


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