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DJ Chocolate Rocket originally from Swansea, SC is an eclectic mobile DJ based in Charlotte, NC. Her career in entertainment began with spoken word and party promotions in Limestone University. While here, she studied music theory in all forms.

As of 2013, her unique styles developed with proficiency in Serato DJ Pro, turntables and controllers as well as mentoring under various celebrity award winning DJs.

Her rocket blasted to the moon in 2016, when she became a professional DJ. She cosmically soared into music entertainment as the 2 Team Ent, LLC lead sound engineer and house DJ for several local venues and event spaces including all 2 Team events, Free Your Mind CLT, Wreck the Mic Wednesdays, Sanctuary Charlotte Church, Charlotte Art League and Wet Willie’s CLT.

Her vast knowledge of music genres is as diverse as the events where she brings high energy playlists and performances; whether an annual pool party, wedding, adult event or a kid’s celebration.

Every set is more vivid and vibrant than the previous; continuously expanding her library from afro beats, edm to rock, country, rap and soul. Her audiences experience the multitude of intense provocative skills that shower them like meteors causing a unique euphoric transformation.

Today, DJ Chocolate Rocket, the Chocolate Goddess, can be found bringing a dose of engaging yet rocketing excitement to any event, so be prepared to turn up to the moon- she's going to blast off.

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